UASoftServcie company was established in partnership with well known Ukrainian software developing company GrossBee Ltd , which was established in 1992 by the team of experienced IT specialists with strong academic experience.

One of the most successful and well known products developed by the company is ERP system GrossBee XXI, which is used by over 400 mid and large scale enterprises in Ukraine.

Starting from 2009 we offer outsourcing services and since that we implemented a number of successful customer projects among which there are web stores and IT staff on-line testing and training Web portal.

In 2012 we developed our own online product - communication service Corp2World which serves as a gate for enterprise legacy systems to the open world of social and telecommunication networks.

Early in 2013 we incorporated UASoftService LLC company in USA to have our representation on US markets. The main priorities for our US mission are outsourcing services, start-up projects and partnership with potential investors.