2013-03-04 Corp2World service is released

The first version of Corp2World communication service is released. The service provides easy-to-use unified approach to enhance communication possibilities of the information systems and legacy software with the real world. The service is available online and provides simple HTTP-based API to receive messages and re-translate them into different communication channels: email, skype, jabber, google talk, sms, phone call, social networks etc. For quick integration client libraries for the following platforms are provided out of box: Java, .NET, Delphi, PHP. Also, free client monitoring application available for data monitoring and sending messages through the service, the main features are:
  • Database monitor (MSSQL and Firebird are currently supported) allows to quickly integrated SQL-based information systems with Corp2World communication service
  • Log files and log directories monitor can be used to monitor application logs for certain events/messages and sending them the end users thought communication service (including voice calls to mobile or landline phones)
The following features will be added in the future releases:
  • additional databases support
  • system resources monitor (CPU load, memory utilization, disk IO, network IO etc)
  • integration with email notifications - possibility to receive email messages and re-translate them into other communication channels (will provide easy integration with existing solutions which send alerts over email).

2013-01-15 UASoftService is estabilished

On January 15th, 2013 the company UASoftService LLC was incorporated in Connecticut, USA. The company will focus on IT outsourcing, software development, WEB development and IT consulting.