Communication service Corp2World

Corp2Worldis software product and online service for delivering important messages to the end user through different communication channels. Information can be delivered via email, call to a mobile or regular landline phone, SMS message, instant message to 'Skype' account or to other popular social networks accounts.

The service provides REST/HTTP Web services, ready-to-use client libraries for Java, .NET, PHP, and Delphi and also client side monitoring solutions for application logs and databases to send messages when certain events happen in the enterprise legacy heterogenous systems.

Server: Java, Jetty, RESTful/JSON WEB services, ActiveMQ, Metrics, JDBI, JERSY, CometD, Apache Command Chain, HSQLDB, Firebird
Web UI: ASP.NET MVC3, Html, CSS, JavaScript
Skype service: .NET C#, WCF, REST
Client libraries: Java, .NET C#, Delphi, PHP
Client monitoring solution: Java, Jetty, RESTful/JSON WEB services, HSQLDB, Firebird, MSSQL, Html, CSS, JavaScript


Enterprise resource planning and management system GrossBee is implemented on over 400 mid and large scale companies working on Ukrainian market. System functionality covers all aspects of the modern enterprise need and include the following modules:

  • warehouse
  • banking
  • accounting
  • human resources
  • financial planning
  • CRM
  • retail
  • B2B retail portal

Technologies: Delphi, Firebird (Interbase), MDT, Fast Report

Mirror Database Tools (MDT)

By implementing unique technologies for data replication and load balancing of read/write IO to database this solution dramatically improves performance of Firebird RDBMS. The solution was developed to address the performance problems introduced by the extended functionality, large data size and increasing number of concurrent users working with GrossBee ERP. As Firebird RDBMS does not provide any suitable solution out-of-box the decision was made to develop it in house. Our days MDT technology is successfully used not only with GrossBee ERP system, but with many other solutions based on the Firebird RDBMS.

Internet Projects

Online examination systems Consulting and Audit «SkillTrack»

Online service providing complete solution for job candidates training, testing and evaluating and tracking assignment results.

Technologies: ASP.NET MVC3, Silverlight, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MSSQL

Web stores

Custom development project for retail store chain e-Management Assistance LLC (eMA) .

Technologies: PHP, CMS Bitrix, HTML, CSS, JavaScript